ScintillaNET is a powerful text editing control for Windows® Forms applications and a managed wrapper around the versatile Scintilla component. Created with the developer in mind, the ScintillaNET API makes it simple to add advanced text editing and syntax highlighting to your application or IDE. In addition ScintillaNET adds features not found in other Scintilla wrappers such as Visual Studio® style code snippets, integrated find and replace dialogs, true regular expression searches, multiple key-command bindings, and back/forward document navigation.



  • Unlimited undo/redo.
  • Block indent/outdent.
  • Current line highlighting.
  • Line selection in the selection margin.
  • Clipboard operations natively supported (cut, copy, paste).
  • Support for UTF-8 encoding.
  • Custom key processing, command/key binding for over 100 edit commands such as caret movement, selection, indenting, transposition, and more.

Text Visualization

  • Syntax highlighting support for over 80 languages.
  • Word wrap (by word or character).
  • Whitespace display.
  • Indentation guides that show tab-stops.
  • Column and long line indicators.
  • Brace match highlighting.
  • Line symbols (bookmarks, breakpoints).
  • Zooming.


  • Line numbering.
  • Customizable symbol margins.
  • Multiple font/sizes supported in the same document.
  • Multiple scrollbar visibility settings.
  • Input Assistant Features
  • Code snippet support.
  • Auto-complete support with ability to customize list.
  • Mouse hover indicators.
  • Customizable tool-tips.


  • Export to HTML.
  • Macro recording and playback.
  • Full search and replace support using wild-card or regular expression syntax.
  • Automatic scrolling.
  • Printing.
  • Completely open-source.
  • Supportive developer community.

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