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How to add a custom language-2 ?

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May 10, 2008 at 10:17 AM
Perhaps this is a specific question, but I think that's the best place to ask. Sorry for any convenience.
I'm developing an educational meteorological code parsing project and I need a special code coloring for METAR weather report codes and synoptical report codes.
Of course, they has theirs own coding rules but I think, it's not possible to use built-in languages used in scintilla.
For example, a synoptical report  is consist of mostly numerical values and obviously it doesn't look like any languages used in scintilla.
For instance, I need to colorize every numerical group included in synoptical report. But how?

    METAR LBBG 041600Z 12003MPS 310V290 1400 R04/P1500N R22/P1500U +SN BKN022 OVC050 M04/M07 Q1020 NOSIG 9949//91=

    17060 12660 33409 10093 20078 300117 40168 52004 60001 83100 333 83835 =

I wonder, What is your recommendations about this issue?
Should I write a new lexer for scintilla using C++ ? (Unfortunately, I'm not a C++ Guru ).
If so, is it possible to write a lexer for scintilla on C# ? ( I believe that I can handle it on C# if I obtain a hint :) )
If not, is it possible to use language.xml files for this purpose?

I hope, Anybody can give me a hint about this question. I need a start point.
Any solution would be greatly appreciated.
 Thanks a lot!

Ismail SEZEN