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New keyword list in ScintillaNet?

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Feb 14, 2012 at 1:08 PM

Hi there,

I want to know, how to create a new keyword list in ScintillaNet.

The xml-Code looks like:

<Language Name="cpp">
        <Indentation TabWidth="2" UseTabs="false"/>
        <Lexer StreamCommentPrefix="{ " StreamCommentSuffix=" }">
            <Keywords List="0">
        pinMode digitalRead digitalWrite
        analogRead analogWrite
        millis micros delay delayMicroseconds
        for do while break continue return goto if else switch case
            <Keywords List="1">void unsigned boolean char byte int word long float double string array</Keywords>
            <Style Name="CHARACTER" ForeColor="Black" BackColor="Red"/>

As you can see, there are two Keyword lists (0 and 1). How can I add a new one with separate color settimgs?






The</Styles> </Language></pre><span id="__caret">_</span>