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Add localization to Sources???

Nov 2, 2009 at 1:01 PM

Hi Everyone,

I just thought about adding the localized Forms, to the Source.

I could give you some .de.resx Files for the SearchReplace-Dialog or the Goto-Dialog.

What do you think about it?

Best Regards

Jun 9, 2010 at 10:01 AM

Hi there :)

I would like to know if localization is planned in ScintillaNet ?

Like in this snippet (CallTip.cs, line 454) :




internal void ShowOverloadInternal()
	int pos = _lastPos;
	if (pos < 0)
		pos = NativeScintilla.GetCurrentPos();

	string s = "\u0001 {1} of {2} \u0002 {0}"; 
	s = string.Format(s, _overloadList.Current, _overloadList.CurrentIndex + 1, _overloadList.Count);
	NativeScintilla.CallTipShow(pos, s);
	NativeScintilla.CallTipSetHlt(_highlightStart, _highlightEnd);



It would be great to have these format strings in a resx file, so that I can easily load a suitable resx whenever the user select another language.

Btw, are overload arrows' shape customisable in CallTips ?