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Released: Oct 21, 2009
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Application ScintillaNet Binaries (Runtime binaries no installer)
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Application ScintillaNET 2.2 Standalone
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Documentation ScintillaNET 2.2 Documentation
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Release Notes

ScintillaNet 2.2 Release

2009-10-21 Chris Rickard
Built against changeset 60365
Primarily this is a bugfix release. Only a couple new features are included and they are there becuase they fix/workaround an existing issue.

Breaking Changes

  • All members and strings containing WhiteSpace have been changed to Whitespace. Whitespace is the accepted spelling and is the spelling used by the .NET framework. (Ignore System.Xml.Schema.XmlSchemaWhiteSpace :) Along the same lines INativeScintilla.GetViewWS() changed to INativeScintilla.GetViewWs()
  • Various members' access changed from public to private or internal. In these cases it didn't make much sense to expose them publicly so in theory noone should be using them thus this won't break anyones code.
  • Most of the EventArg classes changed their properties to be read-only. This is consistent with the style used by the .NET framework. This may potentially break code, initialize all the variables in the constructor where appropriate. If there is a legitimate need to set an EventArg property after construction I'll add it back in.
  • Markers and Lines.VisibleLines implementations were buggy and have been fixed. If you were using them before and made workarounds to compensate for the buggy behavior this will most likely break it.
  • DwellEnd event changed from EventHandler to EventHandler<ScintillaMouseEventArgs>
  • In the static Utilities class PtrToStringUtf8 and MarshalStr have been removed and replaced IntPtrToString

New Features

  • New property Caption sets the Win32 Window Text/Caption. This was introduced to make an elegant workaround. The Control.Text property is usually used but has proven to be problematic because of ScintillaNet's Text implementation. Also we don't want to load a 100mb file in the document then have Windows try to echo this property, it adds a ton of unneeded overhead. Caption now controls this completely, it defaults to the Scintilla control's Type Name (ScintillaNet.Scintilla unless subclassed) but can be changed.
  • UseWhitespaceForeColor/UseWhitespaceBackColor control wether or not the corresponding Whitespace colors are used or inherit from the default style.
  • Style class now has an indexer overload that takes a string. The style names are specific to each lexer and can be found in the ScintillaNet project under Configuration/BuiltIn/LexerStyleNames
  • SelectionForeColor/SelectionBackColor now supports the Transparent color. When Transparent selection colors don't override styled text colors. While this is inconsistent with other properties like WhitespaceForeColor that have a corresponding UseXXX property I think it's more intuitive and I may change the others in the future. Note that only Transparent is supported, alpha values in any other color are ignored.

Issues fixed with this release

Issue #Title
11811ScintillaNet in MDIChild destroys after Hide() - WM_DESTROY
24622Some Fixes
20491Scintilla.Encoding Can Be Out-Of-Sync With Internal Scintilla Code Page
20097Dispose method throws Win32Exception
10105Drag Drop events are never fired
18351Possible bug on japanese OS
18281Throw OutOfMemoryException when open large file
21053TextChanged Event Should Behave Like Other Controls
18445Reset of 'transparency' for selection fore color
18554BindableCommand.WordPartLeft not mapped to keystroke
20397ConfigurationManager :: getCustomConfigPath uses wrong variable
21678VisibleLines broken
24777Default font "Arial" throws exception from PageInformation
24911Problems with Markers
17869SearchFlags ignored
18028DwellEnd event

Reviews for this release

Best way to include Scintilla in your projects easily. Love the simplicity. To bad it isn't updated anymore. Still works perfect though!
by Lomeli12 on Dec 3, 2011 at 7:53 AM
Great, thanks. Missed annotations, but were able to add it easily myself.
by floele on Sep 16, 2010 at 4:34 PM
Thanks for such a great project. I'm using it for a scripting tool. -Ben
by boinjyboing on Sep 9, 2010 at 7:17 AM
Unable to make it work!
by jgisabelle on Jul 21, 2010 at 4:55 PM
by ddanone on Jan 28, 2010 at 1:39 PM
A great project. Thank you very much
by code19 on Jan 5, 2010 at 6:06 PM