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Not to be confused with the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), what follows is a list of common issues developers encounter while using ScintillaNET and suggestions on how to resolve them.

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"Cannot load the 'SciLexer.dll' module into memory" at design time or run time

ScintillaNET is a wrapper around the unmanaged SciLexer (or SciLexer64) DLL. As such it is absolutely necessary to have that DLL for ScintillaNET to work. If you are encountering this problem at runtime, ensure that the SciLexer and SciLexer64 DLLs are in your application folder. If you are encountering this error when using the Visual Studio designer, the same problem is occuring but because of the way Visual Studio searches for DLLs you'll need to add it to your Path environment variable. Instructions for Configuring the Search Path can be found on the Installation documentation page.

"'ScintillaNET' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)" when compiling

This error is unfortunately very misleading and can cause of hair loss if you've never seen it before. The short answer is that your project is likely targeted at the Client Profile instead of the full .NET Framework. The Installation page of our documentation has a section on how to Target the full .NET Framework if you've never done it before.

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