Border settings for the editor not available on latest versions

Why I can't change the border in the latest versions? Border property was available on 2.5 but not on 2.6 or the latest branch. Edit: It seems the border was added by another control. There is no ...

Id #35131 | Release: None | Updated: Apr 14 at 5:56 PM by eried | Created: Apr 14 at 5:52 PM by eried

Bug in Style.FontName (SCI_STYLEGETFONT)

In the Styles.cs source file you'll find the following code: public string FontName { // In the past we used the property bag to store font names to preserve their ...

Id #35127 | Release: ScintillaNET 2.6 | Updated: Sun at 10:04 PM by jacobslusser | Created: Apr 13 at 3:08 PM by GJacobs

Single quote as a comment is not working properly.

Hi, I want to use single quote as a comment start character in my scripting editor.That's why I am using "vbscript" as a language. then comments are working very fine but keywords like for,if,whil...

Id #35079 | Release: None | Updated: Mon at 2:08 AM by jacobslusser | Created: Mar 26 at 10:54 AM by vipmax

ScintillaNET props

Hi! Is it possible to add KeyWords to props in ScintillaNET? Im using C# visual 2013 and I have loaded DLL into Visual. Regards.

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Add Remove Method (SCI_DELETERANGE)

I tried using SCI_DELETERANGE but nothing happened, I did someting like: int startPos = ...; int length = ...; const uint SCI_DELETERANGE = 2645; scintilla.NativeInterface.SendMessageDirect(SCI_DEL...

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Run-time setting of IndentWidth not working properly...

I am using the Scintilla 2.5.2 control as an editor for SQL code. I want to use spaces instead of tabs. I found this stackoverflow post that seems to address the issue. I used the accepted answer...

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Patch to support ARM

The attached files allow this component to work on ARM.

Id #34750 | Release: None | Updated: Feb 18 at 2:04 AM by jacobslusser | Created: Dec 18, 2013 at 5:10 AM by mistachkin

I really do not understand XML highlighting

Hi, I want to make my XML highlighting just like Visual Studio. I got this in my code: scintillaEditor.ConfigurationManager.Language = "xml"; string scintillaFile = FileUtils.GetApplicationDir...

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default.xml (attributes filled in)

Please see attached ZIP file. It has a set of default.xml files with all the style information filled in. It was extracted from the native Scintilla.dll via ScintillaNet. Source code in C3 and Visu...

Id #34617 | Release: None | Updated: Nov 3, 2013 at 8:31 AM by Lewtwo | Created: Nov 3, 2013 at 8:29 AM by Lewtwo

Creation of scintilla control is very slow

I need some small scintilla controls in my WPF application. They will be often created and destroyed. This slows down my application a lot. The Visual Studio Profiler says that one big problem is t...

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