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Custom Configuration Issue

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Feb 23, 2011 at 2:53 PM

I am working on creating a custom configuration for powershell, but I have an issue. When I set ScintillaNet to use my custom XML, it does not do any highlighting. Does anyone see any issues with my code or the XML?

Here is my code:

Scintilla stControl = new Scintilla();

stControl.Margins.Margin0.Width = 20;
stControl.Dock = DockStyle.Fill;
stControl.AutoComplete.AutomaticLengthEntered = true;
stControl.AutoComplete.SingleLineAccept = true;
stControl.Indentation.TabWidth = 5;
stControl.Indentation.SmartIndentType = SmartIndent.Simple;

stControl.ConfigurationManager.CustomLocation = "lexer.xml";
stControl.ConfigurationManager.Language = "powershell";



Here is my lexar xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
  <Language name="powershell">
    <Lexar LineCommentPrefix="#">
      <Keywords list="0">
        break continue do else elseif filter for foreach function if in return switch until where while
      <Keywords list="1">
        add-content add-history add-member add-pssnapin clear-content clear-item clear-itemproperty clear-variable compare-object convertfrom-securestring
        convert-path convertto-html convertto-securestring copy-item copy-itemproperty export-alias export-clixml export-console export-csv foreach-object
        format-custom format-list format-table format-wide get-acl get-alias get-authenticodesignature get-childitem get-command get-content get-credential
        get-culture get-date get-eventlog get-executionpolicy get-help get-history get-host get-item get-itemproperty get-location get-member get-pfxcertificate
        get-process get-psdrive get-psprovider get-pssnapin get-service get-tracesource get-uiculture get-unique get-variable get-wmiobject group-object import-alias
        import-clixml import-csv invoke-expression invoke-history invoke-item join-path measure-command measure-object move-item move-itemproperty new-alias new-item
        new-itemproperty new-object new-psdrive new-service new-timespan new-variable out-default out-file out-host out-null out-printer out-string pop-location
        push-location read-host remove-item remove-itemproperty remove-psdrive remove-pssnapin remove-variable rename-item rename-itemproperty resolve-path
        restart-service resume-service select-object select-string set-acl set-alias set-authenticodesignature set-content set-date set-executionpolicy set-item
        set-itemproperty set-location set-psdebug set-service set-tracesource set-variable sort-object split-path start-service start-sleep start-transcript stop-process
        stop-service stop-transcript suspend-service tee-object test-path trace-command update-formatdata update-typedata where-object write-debug write-error write-host
        write-output write-progress write-verbose write-warning
      <Keywords list="2">
        ac asnp clc cli clp clv cpi cpp cvpa diff epal epcsv fc fl foreach ft fw gal gc gci gcm gdr ghy gi gl gm gp gps group gsv gsnp gu gv gwmi iex ihy ii ipal ipcsv
        mi mp nal ndr ni nv oh rdr ri rni rnp rp rsnp rv rvpa sal sasv sc select si sl sleep sort sp spps spsv sv tee where write cat cd clear cp h history kill lp ls
        mount mv popd ps pushd pwd r rm rmdir echo cls chdir copy del dir erase move rd ren set type

Mar 5, 2011 at 9:18 PM

<Lexar> should be <Lexer>


It's just a simple misspelling.