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KeyWords Highlight

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Nov 14, 2011 at 1:22 PM

How do I add a list of key words in my language-based  on CPP?
Here's the code


	<Language Name="templates">
		<AutoComplete FillUpCharacters=".([ " SingleLineAccept="False" IsCaseSensitive="True">
				break case catch class clone const continue default delegate delete else enum extends
				for function if in local null resume return switch this throw try typeof  while parent
				yield constructor vargc vargv instanceof true false static
				Report Chart div

		<Indentation TabWidth="4" SmartIndentType="cpp" />
		<Lexer LexerName="cpp" LineCommentPrefix="//" StreamCommentPrefix="/* " StreamCommentSuffix=" /*" >	
			<Keywords List="0" Inherit="False">
				break case catch continue default else 
				for foreach if resume return switch throw try   
				while yield 
			<Keywords List="1" Inherit="False">
				class clone const delegate delete enum extends function in local null 
				this typeof parent constructor vargc vargv instanceof true false static
			<Keywords List="2" Inherit="False">
				vars debug lala
      <Style Number="6" Bold="Yes" />
	  <Style Name="WORD3" ForeColor="Red"/> 
	  <Style Name="WORD2" ForeColor="Orange"/> 


Why the word "vars", "debug" and "lala" not highlighted?