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How can I urge Scintilla procedures to execute the style changes,

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Dec 6, 2014 at 9:29 AM
I want to make more readable the output of my program by colored styles and various font faces.
The Scintilla/Scilex controls are available in tn Visual Prolog, too.
My problem is that the style definition commands are not executed at once but with a certain delay.
1) Part of the form where I check the lookout of the styles.
2) The first lines appear in the built-in syntax coloring styles. Some later my setting are reflect in the message window.
3) You can see the earlier created main message window with nice colors but the recently created table of result is shown according to built-in Visual Prolog syntax coloring style.

The Visual Prolog wrappers are not responsible for this vexing phenomenon. The devil is hiding in the lowest level SciLexer.dll.
Please send me advices how can I force the immediates execution styles setting procedures.